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Fan of Pixel Dolls?
May 21, 2009, 1:40 am
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Well, get a load of this.

Last week the Bella corset was released. I got the ad via subscription, and part of what had drawn me to it was the underlayer. Well, the top wasn’t even part of the corset: it was part of a dress. It took about half an hour for me and a few other shoppers to find out what it was. Found the dress, bought the dress.

The next version of the corset comes out, I buy it and there’s no issue…until I buy the Bella dress. I wanted to use the skirt of the dress as part of an outfit for Hellfire Club role play within Midian. I was foiled! The skirt prim wasn’t in the folder. I filed a notecard with the “Customer Care Representative”…and waited for three days. How nice, I get the skirt I want, and a free one in another color! But I can’t wear the other color…and I don’t have the glitch pants.

No big deal, not really going to worry about it.

Sitting tonight, I get another subscription notice and inventory offer from Pixel Dolls. I do a secret yay! Because well…I like new things. But, it’s not new. It’s the Twilight dress shirt layer that I had bought…last week. Uh, way to go Pixel Dolls. The night you released that top everyone wanted to know what the shirt was, don’t you think we’ve bought it by now?

“I can’t even say how long I’ve been shopping at Pixel Dolls, but after this past week and a half or so, I’m honestly looking to take my business elsewhere. I’ll be telling the masses to take their business elsewhere.

The Bella corset was released, and I immediately wanted it, so I purchased it. I then spent the next half hour to forty five minutes trying to find what was featured under the corset. And I wasn’t the only one. One girl got intouch with one of you, and then told me it was the Twilight dress. So I purchased it. All of this was the night of May 13th.

On May 16th I purchased the Bella Dress, wanting to use the white long skirt as part of an outfit. Well, when I bought the dress…the skirt wasn’t even in the folder! I filed a Transaction Failure notecard with Rosa Ray and it took three days to hear back. I was pleased to get my white skirt…and shocked that another color had been included. The only issue is…I can’t wear the emerald skirt that was given to me, as I don’t have the glitch pants.

I find myself sitting here today, May 20th, and all of a sudden I get a group “notice” and inventory offer. I’m excited at first…then realize: it’s the dress I /purchased/ last week. How nice of you to pass it on to free if people are inquiring, but you must have realized: people are inquiring, and people are buying.

To say I’m a little annoyed would be an understatement. This is probably some of the worst customer relation I’ve ever seen.

A disgruntled long time shopper– EllieShea”


Sometimes, I wanna be a punk rocker
May 11, 2009, 3:27 am
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With some of the goodies I’ve picked up lately, it’s hard not for me want to be a punk. The Moheekan Femme in Coal by Flavor Designs has without a doubt become one of my most favorite hairs in my inventory. So when I got the VIP Hunt skin from Atomic I just had to pair them together. The night before Keys to the VIP Hunt started, I decided to do some serious wandering of the Atomic sim. I hadn’t yet checked out the north village, but I’m glad I did. I stumbled upon NSD and fell in love with the Sugar Skull hoodie seen here. All of it just begs to be paired with black washed shorts from Paradisis, spikey chain collar from Dari Haus and Pornstar Xtra Hi-tops from UBU. I may not be hardcore, but I can certainly look the part.

Ar Ef El
March 13, 2009, 6:12 am
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Call me a bitch, but…

Relay for Life is right around the corner, and it seems like every designer is cramming previews of their Clothing Fair goodies down out throats via notifications. And there’s one main thing on my mind:

Why does it look like a good portion of designers who are part of the fair just throw some half assed prims and call it an outfit/item/thing/whatever?

I’m not saying EVERYONE does it, but seriously. People have a year to prepare for this. Maybe I’m just expecting too much. Or maybe I’m being too critical. Who knows.

So yeah, clothing fair: woo hoo.

Drop of a hat: Steampunk
March 8, 2009, 6:09 am
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I took this picture ages ago with the prospect of blogging. This outfit is the brain child of my urge to wear something crazy and take pictures. It all started with some music, a good friend and two massive inventories. I can’t even think of how many outfits we both went through, but the end result was something that looked relatively Goblin Ball Labyrinthesque. A beach house is no place to take pictures of such attire, so we headed over to Curious Kitties, because it was the first place I could think of and its shiny and pretty. [/end ADD moment]
So, after taking a bunch of pictures, all of which can be found on my Flickr reel, I decided to wander inside Curious Kitties, because I always find some genuinely cute things every time I’m there. Lo and behold: Wings!

These wings were screaming for me to steampunk out. So I scrambled around in my inventory, looking to see if I could throw something good together, and what do you know: at the drop of a hat, I really can be just about anything. Sort of helps when your inventory is pushing 20k.

Skin: Marla Pale BE freckles & Blush from MILKMOTION
Hair: Aveda Short Crop 3 in Chiffon from ETD
Goggles: X Goggles from [/AMBUSH/]
Blouse: Part of Mary Jo set from SMOOTH DESIGNS
Vest: Grandpa’s Vest in Chocolate and Coffee from BOING FROMAGE!
Jeans: Woodstock skinny from LEAGUE
Boots: Old Lace Up Boots in black from SHINY THINGS
Wings: Massive Robot Anime Girl Wings from CURIOUS KITTIES

I want to get in trouble.
February 8, 2009, 9:26 am
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I want to start a fight.

For an entire week I have opened WordPad, started writing and then minimized the document or closed it. Mainly, I haven’t had motivation. Or I just didn’t want to start a fight. I listened to a lot of P!nk this weekend, so I sort of said fuck it and decided to be really bitchy. I’ve said up and down that this blog is more opinions and less rainbows. And boy do I have a really big opinion right now.

SL Secret is by far my favorite blog project ever. I’m a huge fan of PostSecret, so someone doing an SL version just makes me a giddy school girl. But some people need to not be idiots when they make a secret to send, or rather, the comments made about some secrets.

Incase you read my blog but live under a rock, in world I am a GossipGirl. Damn straight. I was born in the Warner Brother’s sim, I wore some freebies for a month, I went to cheesy parties and then I broke out. So when “Stella” made a comment on SCD about “hardly ever seeing GossipGirls that dress as good as the girls on the show”, I was insulted. (Even though the author of the secret has stated that its about the gossip and not the fashion.)

First of all, if you go to an area like that and expect to see a shit ton of amazingly dress avs, then you’re a down right fool. But ffs, don’t give me some comment like that and don’t expect a backlash.

In the year+ that I’ve been in SecondLife, I’ve done modeling. I’ve done modeling contests. I’ve done blogging. My blog (Through the Eyes of a GossipGirl) used to be on the Fashion Feed. I’ve worked closely with two store owners. Shit, for a while I was pretty deep into the fashion world and then I kind of just got sick of it. So you can’t tell me that I don’t have a good sense of style.

Yeah, I know the big circle of GG fashion people (Tiffer, LauraRose, Channen, Chantal, JennyH). I am or was at some point friends with them all. And no matter how much I like or dislike these girls, they have fierce style. And so do I.

So let me put it to you this way, if we [GossipGirls] absolutely must dress amazingly because we come from a show that oozes with fashion and fashionistas, and it’s an absolute crime against humanity when we don’t look as fierce as the show, what’s the excuse for the rest of SecondLife? Are we not just another gathering of codes, prims and pixels, even though we have a “famous” last name? SecondLife isn’t fashion to everyone. Not everyone has to rock a fashionista lifestyle.

This blog was crappily written, but I’m not happy and it’s late at night. kthnxbai.

Haili Dreamscape, Olive you, I swear I do
January 28, 2009, 4:23 am
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Black Frost Condoms
It seems like mouth attachments are a huge hit lately. Still with the toast, and now with the lollipops and such. Black Frost, owned and operated by the brilliant Haili Dreamscape, has added some new fun things to…put in your mouth.

First she passed me some feathers, followed by a cigarette, a toothpick and even a piece of wheat. All of them are scripted with fun little options like nosekiss and cookie. It’s similar to the scripted neko tails. She had asked me what kind of object I’d love to see her make, and considering the fact that I’m being an absolutely pervy tart lately, I told her condoms. She passed the above to me earlier and I love them. If you look closely, the actual textures feature familiar looking condoms, but with a different brand name. Of course, click and you get a menu of silly things to do.
Olive you, Haili Dreamscape, I swear I do. This made my day.

Goo Goo for GaGa
January 23, 2009, 7:56 am
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snapshot_001So for some reason that I don’t quite get, fashion bloggers seem to be flocking to the Lady Gaga style right now. Seriously, anyone want to explain? I mean, I know she’s fierce but…what’s the huge sudden draw?

I guess VintageWear has something to do with it. And honestly, I had to see what the huge deal was. So I picked up some Fame Shades in Diamond on Jet.

So, what’s a GaGa Girl to do with her Fame shades? I figured…well, why not see how I can do a GaGa outfit. I had already seen some shiny silver ala Tiffer. And I had already seen some platinum bangs and off the shoulder numbers ala Gogo. But one thing was missing: cowls.

For some reason, I had gotten it into my pretty little pixeled head that the Kyoot Ilia cowl was full body. Imagine my shock when there was no pants. That’ll never do. So…I fetished things up a bit. After who doesn’t love a little latex?

I kept the cowl part of the outfit, and the gloves. For boots, I wasn’t too thrilled with my choices. None of them really looked great. So, I went to google to google some Gaga. Cause please, if you’re going to look the part, get it right. Well, I found the lovely miss Gaga arriving at MTV studios in knee high black boots, actually they had some bits cut out, and a black body suit. Close enough for me.

So my outfit:
VintageWear Fame Diamond on Jet
Gothica Latex Corset Black (regular cut long w/bottoms)
Jaywalk Liah Onyx Boots
Kyoot Illia Cowl and Gloves.

Not too bad. Except…I should have gotten the blonde hair. See my previous post for how I feel about textures. Just a little fashion fun. Photo will be edited in later today.